The 1st of June 2019 marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our growth as a leading design consultancy with the rebranding of DplusM Creative to SOMA Architecture & Design.


SOMA is the ancient Greek word for “body” and over 14 years, DplusM Creative created an impressive body of work that represented the passion and commitment of the team and defined us as a leading design consultancy.


Our new name therefore acknowledges our proud history at DplusM Creative and our exciting future as a strong creative team committed to achieving new levels of success in the industry of architecture and design.


Going forward, SOMA will build on that body of work and through a renewed vigour towards creative design principles and processes, we aim to move forward and develop our body of work to the highest standard. A standard that smoothly crosses the boundaries between Australia, Asia and Europe.


It is our body of work that defines us.