Columbia Asia

Health  |  Cebu, Philippines

With Columbia Asia’s expansion throughout India and SE Asia from primary healthcare facilities into feeder secondary and tertiary clinics, designs for self-sufficient facilities to service the most far-reaching destinations in the most challenging and remote locations where needed. In some cases, locations do not have water, waste or electricity available to them. A design was developed to deal with the access and construction difficulties posed, through the use of prefabricated modular construction techniques. This approach minimizes site construction time and allowed the high specification and precise nature of the facility to be fabricated under strict factory controlled environments. Manageable modular components of the building are then delivered to the various sites and put together, allowing the facility to be fully operational within two weeks. SOMA worked carefully with the Client to design the overall framework for the clinics, which include two fully functional operating theatres, radiology, consultation suites and a varied number of inpatient and outpatient facilities, all within 10,000sqft. Careful coordination of the various modular and prefabrication specialists was required to ensure technical and operational requirements were met, as well as maintaining a sleek and corporate building and interiors aesthetic within otherwise utilitarian construction methods.