Retail  |  Chongqing, China

Gooltoo is more than a furniture brand. It’s a brand that crosses boundaries between our perception of furniture and how we contemplate art. The brand was developed to cater to a market of discerning customers who appreciate fashion and the latest trends. It is a collaboration of art, fashion, furniture, and design, and the showrooms are places where shapes, colors, patterns, and textures work together. A lifestyle hub of fashionable expressions.

Walking into a Gooltoo showroom is like stepping into a contemporary gallery with its minimalist interiors interspersed with focal points of design and creative displays allowing people to wander around and contemplate their design. Clearly not just about furniture, the showroom is a curated space in itself that allows various mediums of art and fashion to be displayed amongst the collections of furniture. Intertwined with chairs and tables you can find local designers exhibiting their latest fashion creations.