Hospitality  |  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A progressive Japanese casual dining restaurant on the rooftop of DC Mall in Kuala Lumpur. Being the Japanese term for “caring”, the branding and design of Kikubari were developed to support the philosophy of paying attention to others. This was achieved by creating a casual dining atmosphere with flourishes of fine dining complimenting the high quality of the cuisine and service. Attention to detail is evident yet there is always a sense of humility in the mood.

An eye-catching framed glass floor sits over illuminated Japanese-raked sand in the dining room. Vibrant geisha prints on the grey tiled walls add a splash of color. A long banquette allows for flexibility and comfort whilst Japanese timber screens to the facing kitchen can be opened or closed providing a sense of openness or privacy. With a chefs’ counter where the food is prepared in front of you and is very open providing the diners almost an in-kitchen experience. A glass cellar at the entrance exhibits a wide range of sake and wines.