Locker Room

Hospitality  |  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On the rooftop of DC Mall, you will find KL’s coolest sports bar. With a Japanese inspired theme, the outlet provides four various spaces to drink, dine and watch sport. The alfresco is separated by large bi-fold doors that open up to the main bar allowing patrons to spill either in or out depending on the crowd. The feature to the timber detailed bar is the copper beer vat that sits central amongst the bottles on the back bar and informs patrons that they are here to watch sports and drink beer. The hanging TVs in the center of the space are reminiscent of hanging scoreboards in larger sports arenas. Sliding glazed panels separate the dining hall with its two long banquettes with ribbed leather upholstery. Connected by timber screens at the back is a private room with its own large TV for small functions. Decorative panel screens along the stretch of windows house mirrors that allow you to view snippets of the action inside from any angle. The result is a bright and airy contemporary sports bar brought to life through a colorful palette of materials.