Hospitality  |  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Considered one of KL’s most authentic Italian eateries, this casual fine dining restaurant has become a popular neighborhood joint for lovers of Italian cuisine. With a coffee bar just off the sidewalk and a small alfresco area to the street, lovers of coffee can grab an espresso on the go or sit back and watch the street scenes. Inside, the detailing of mosaic tiles, timber and upholstery lend itself to a visual feast. Booth seating inside walls of deli-style shelving displaying Italian goods used inside the kitchen provides a more private dining experience, whilst the long dining room allows views through to the coffee bar and into the kitchen itself. At the back by the extensive wine cellar lies the chef’s table, overlooking the entirety of the dining room. Pot plants and blackboards provide a coziness within a space where attention to detail has been paid to every corner.